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Heat Wave – Identity Pro

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Why Costa Pickleball?

Costa Pickleball is an exciting brand that combines style and performance. If you’ve noticed all the other paddles out there on the market are pretty ugly, you’re not alone because we noticed that too. That’s why we started Costa Pickleball for you! We realized we could combine fun, energetic and great looking paddles with technology that provides you complete control over the ball. Come join our team like many others and start winning in style.

Why a Costa Paddle?

Not only is it important to have a paddle that looks good, but you should be having a paddle that plays great on any court. That’s why Costa Paddle Technology is combined in a way to give you perfect control of the ball. After working with various types of technology, our current lines have been brought together to give you control. Crafted at the perfect weight, our technology uses the right materials to give you the control needed in every game.
Making Waves Identity Pro Pickleball Paddle

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Heat Wave Identity Pro Pickleball Paddle
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Becoming a part of the Costa family is the most important thing to us. You can become a member of our family in so many different ways from signing up to be a community ambassador for the Costa Pickleball brand or simply buying a paddle. However you join, welcome to the family!

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Costa Advanced Paddle Technology

Costa paddle technology gives every player the Pro feeling without having to be a Pro. Our unique paddle technology combines the newest technology allowing for a larger sweet spot, and better control over every hit. Our paddles are built with a polypropylene core, and a carbon fiber face complimented with a teflon finish. This modern and high end technology gives every player the chance to be the best on the court.
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Supreme Spin

Supreme Spin

Increased Accuracy

Increased Accuracy