Costa Pickleball

Refund/Return Policy

We at Costa Pickleball know that your paddle and gear are the most important parts to your game, and our commitment is to make sure you’re comfortable and 100% completely satisfied with all our products. That’s why Costa Pickleball gives customers a 30 day full money back guarantee, from the initial date of purchase. If products are postmarked 30 days before the initial date of purchase, and returned with no notable damage, a full refund will be issued to the customer. In the event that any of the purchased items are returned with serious defects caused by the player, all items will be returned to the buyer. Please submit a contact request to the team so we can help sort out any issues before a return/refund becomes necessary. All returns should be returned to the original mailing address.
In the event an item is defective, or in any way damaged upon arrival, please contact for a replacement of the damaged items